Harriet and Neil Pike updated this third edition of the Adventure Cycling-Touring Handbook. They met trekking in Chile in 2002 and together began exploring the world’s mountains on foot. A chance Caspian Sea ferry encounter with a cyclist in 2007 led to a switch to cycle touring, and a trip across Europe was followed by a few years in the Andes and Himalaya, during which time they fell in love with riding on traffic-free dirt roads. Neil spends hours poring over maps and scouring satellite images for routes; Harriet is the gear geek and team bike mechanic. Peruvian climbs, ice cream, the Puna de Atacama and Argentinian facturas: any of these make them happy bikers.

They blog at pikesonbikes.com and run the Andes route website andesbybike.com.

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Stephen LOrd


Stephen Lord wrote the first two editions of the Adventure Cycle-Touring Handbook. He graduated from Trinity College, Oxford, then worked in banking for 12 years, living in Japan and the USA. He has toured in Asia, North America and Europe on mountain- and touring-bikes. He also enjoys kayak-touring, long-distance walking, skiing and all other forms of exercise and is currently training to be a corrective exercise coach.